QRcode App QRcode App Make QR Code for Daily Life

Intelligent Design

We designed app by research and analysis on the process and interaction between QRcode, Device and People. How smart in use on our daily life.

Simplicity in User Experiences

Clear and impressive design in UI and UX, scan and touch in operate. We believe simple is the best.

Just In Application

It is absolutely Free App, No Ad. Banner, No annoying embed in-app-browser, never to keep you on our app and very straight forward to use

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How work for daily life?

Something will be much easy! Very Convenient
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How work for daily life?

Something will be much easy! Very Convenient

Connect Wifi

People use QRcode App can share and connect WiFi automatically, much easy and work for all condition, either your phone is offline.

Add Contact

When we meet a new friend, use App can add contact in once time,one click, then you can add them on other social app you like.

3D Touch Function

It is first small and similar QRcode App on the market has built and designed with 3D touch function -unify function- Connect My Wifi, My QRcode and Scan.

URLHK.co URL shortener

App designed in bundled with URL Shortener function, just one click you can get a typable URL + simple QRcode on your marketing material.

No one have it

Connect Wifi Directly

When you at your travel, at Hotel/Coffer/resturant/shop provide free WiFi network to use, but always need ask password. It is always happen every second in all around world. Now you use App to Print and scan a QR Code to connect wifi automatically by your phone and tablet device.

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Easy to Add Contact

When you meet new friends and need add a contact, App can be very easy scan to exchange contact into your phone in once time, and you later on can meet up them on social apps. like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook... etc.

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Simplicity in UI/UX and 3D Touch

Clean and simple operation UI, most of process on user interaction is one tab design,. It is first small App and similar QR Code app on the market has built and designed with 3D touch function. - Connect My Wifi, Add Contact, Scan.

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URLHK.co URL shortener

App designed bundle with http://URLHK.co URL Shortener function, just one click you can get a typable URL and QRcode to print on your marketing material. This specific function for advertiser on making QR code and short link.

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Use in Daily Life

Convenience and a better experience
Great Interactions

Great Interactions

Tools to help you build ..
Smart Keyboard

Special Function

AirPrint wifi signage and connect wifi automatically..
Interactions Map

Light Interface

Pleasant to touch
Interactions Map

Not just a QR Code Reader

App give you incredible function and you imagine

How We Build
This Awesome App

Little story of app development

While QR Code is much more popular to use in these several years, most of mechants, shop, magazine, Ads.,....everywhere, then we start looking for an App/reader to work with them. When you go Appstore to find and download the app, almost is called readers.

Right!!! After you use and experience on them, it just reader function. Most of them are bad UI, complicated, too much to use and mix-up with other feature and function, Ads., it doesn't make QR Code easy and convience to use for us. but there is no choice, we form a team and started on design New and FREE one....

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Different versions in 2 platforms of QRcode App

They are are cool too, don`t miss it!

We are a small team of multi-skilled and curious IT specialists who are always up for a challenge and learning as fast as IT and Digital is changing. With a passion for creating great things and an excitement of delivering projects people love.

Our Project Team

People behind this app

Freakley Kwok

Project Director

Paul Chow

Art Director


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